About Us

I founded RockWater Consulting in January 2017 out of a passion for helping other leaders.  Leadership is a complicated business and there is no manual that guarantees success.  I have witnessed countless school leaders succeed and fail over the course of my fifteen-year career in education.  Many fail simply because they do not understand the role that organizational culture plays in leadership.  It is vital for a leader to understand the existing culture before leading change to avoid disastrous results.  Additionally, I believe a leader’s understanding of the relationship between culture, leadership, and strategy will significantly increase their likelihood of success and optimize the results of the organization.

Through my research, I discovered that culture is not easily defined and is most often confused with organizational climate.  Climate is undoubtedly important but is a small part of the culture.  The leader who focuses purely on climate can create a workplace where everyone is happy and nothing gets done.  To help avoid this pitfall, I have developed a framework with six domains that I believe makes the concept of culture more tangible for leaders.  My goal is to be your thought partner in ensuring the alignment of leadership, culture, and strategy in your school or organization to optimize performance and results.


Warm regards,

Charles W. Gardner, Ed.S


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