I had the opportunity to listen to Chuck speak at the annual ASCD conference. Chuck Gardner captured my attention from the moment his workshop started until the moment it ended. Chuck’s story of leading transformation is nothing short of miraculous. What I found most impressive about Chuck’s workshop was the emphasis of passing credit to all of the stakeholders for the successful turn-around of his schools.
Jim Collins, in his work Good to Great, describes level 5 leadership as “…building enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will.” Chuck Gardner shares a compelling story of transformation through the lens of a “Level 5” leader.

-Frank Kline

Principal – Fort Wayne, IN

“If you are an administrator at any level and you are trying to find a way to shift the climate and culture of your school, while shifting the paradigm and improving campus results, I would highly recommend you find, follow, and attend a sessions with Chuck Gardner. Through his session Gardner will detail how he was able to create a drastic change at a school that didn’t believe they could be successful. The results from Gardner’s leadership are proven and you will leave his session with a plan and the excitement to go back to your campus and begin the needed work to create that winning climate and culture to become the highly successful campus you are striving to find.”

– Brandon Girard 

Elementary Principal – Castlewood, SD

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