Schools are complex organizations and do not exist in a vacuum.  Each school has unique challenges and corresponding opportunities that their leaders grapple with.  Today’s school leaders are faced with immense pressure to improve their schools and their success is heavily dependent on their ability to understand and impact the existing culture of their school.  Culture is a commonly misunderstood concept that is frequently confused with what we refer to as school climate.  Although culture and climate are interdependent they are distinctly different concepts.  We have developed the framework below to assist leaders in understanding what we are referring to when we use the term culture.

RockWater Consulting provides the following services with the goal of helping school leaders transform their schools from the inside out.

  • Culture Workshops:
    • Build your understanding of the six domains of school culture
    • Discover tools for assessing your school culture
    • Develop specific strategies to positively impact your culture

Content can be uniquely tailored for aspiring, current, and seasoned leaders.  Contact us for more information.

  • Coaching:
    • Our highly personalized leadership and strategy coaching sessions are available in various formats.  Sessions can be tailored for Principals, Assistant Principals, Administrative teams, or School Leadership Teams.
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